Q. How do I choose a professional wedding videographer?

A. I can offer a few suggestions on what to look for. First and foremost, find someone you connect with. Your videographer will be with you all day long. He will be mingling with your guests and right there with you from the wedding vows to the bouquet toss. Get someone you are comfortable with. Second, really look at the demos. Don't just watch it and think "What a pretty bride". Look closely. How smooth is the motion? Is there anything creative about it? Is it timed properly to the music? Do you feel anything when you watch it? After you've seen a demo that you like, ask to see an actual wedding. You may want references so you can talk to couples who have already used this videographer. A professional will have the talent, imaginative eye and the knowledge to anticipate what’s coming up next. That’s incredibly important. There is only one chance to get that shot. You are looking for a videographer that is "experienced in weddings".  We have been doing this full-time since 2003.  It is what we do.

Q. If I have a still photographer, why should I have my wedding also videotaped?

A. Do you remember the way he proposed? Of course you do. Its was so romantic. It was so much fun. You smile every time you talk about it. Wouldn’t you like to see that again? Sure you would. So would we. Your wedding day is one of the most monumental times in your entire life. There is so much to see, so much to feel, and so much that you can miss. These moments are full of visions, music, laughter and action that only a professional videographer can capture.

Q. My cousin has a camcorder and has offered to videotape my wedding. Why would your services be any better?

A. If you don’t hire a professional wedding videographer, then we highly recommend letting your cousin videotape the wedding for you. Anything is better than nothing. But with all due respect to your cousin, the quality of what you’ll get will leave you wanting more and regretting not getting the right people for the job in the first place. A professional videographer is not a guest. He is there with one thought in mind. To get you the very best video shots he can get. Quality is key and its just that important.

Q.  My church has restrictions on photographers and videographers. Will this affect my video?

A. Absolutely. Some churches have very tight restrictions and only let us film from the very back of the church. Some make us shoot from the balcony. The trouble is that sometimes that balcony can be the furthest distance from the alter. I have finally come to the understanding that these churches have such tight rules based on prior experience with photographers and/or videographers who did not act in a professional manner and who may have caused disruption.   What a shame for the rest of us.  Still, we have to respect their rules and can only do what we are allowed to do. We will still do our utmost to make the best of the situations and deliver you a great video.I encourage you to find out in advance what the church’s policies are.

Q. How do you feel about companies that offer video service along with another service, such as photographers or DJs?

A. In my opinion, based on several discussions with various wedding coordinators, some of these guys are ones to really watch out for. If I bought a microphone and called myself a DJ, I'm not really a DJ. And if a DJ buys a video camera and calls himself a videographer, well, you get the idea.  Unfortunately, you won't find that out until its too late. You might get lucky, but my experience tells me that you will either have a very good DJ and a disappointing video, or vice versa. Stick to the specialists. Watch video demos very carefully. Ask to see actual weddings. Get references.

Q. Is it expensive to have a professional company videotape my wedding?

A. For the services that we provide, nobody will give you a better price. We think that’s pretty fair. I always tell brides there are four things that you take away from a wedding: (1) the Dress, (2) the Rings, (3) the Photos, and (4) the Video. Unfortunately, everything else is disposable. Think what the flowers are costing you. They’ll be gone before you get back from your honeymoon. Think about how much you’ve spent on that cake. If you are trying to cut corners (and who isn’t), this is not the corner to cut. This investment will last you for generations and like any family heirloom, its value will only increase with time.


Q. Do you ever have a sale?

A.  Yes.  Anytime we do a bridal show, which is not very often, we run a sale for that entire month and its listed on our Pricing Page.  We also proudly offer an Active Duty Military Discount always.

Q. Do people really watch their wedding videos?

A. Our clients tell us that the first time they watch it, they watch it as a couple ... and laugh and cry. Then they have a small viewing party with all the key family members and friends who participated in the wedding. Some find themselves watching their videos over and over again. Some watch it on their anniversaries. Some tell us they watch it when they just want to feel good. And why not? Its fun.

Q. Why should I choose A Day To Remember Video to tape my wedding?

A. You get professional videographers experienced in weddings who’s only goal is to make the very best wedding video for you. They can anticipate the important moments and be sure to capture them. We use only professional cameras, microphones and editing equipment to ensure a high quality picture that you will be proud to be starring in. What you won’t get is someone who just shows up on your wedding day and starts filming. Your videographer will meet with you and work with you to get a full understanding of what it is that you want and what it is that you expect.

Q. When should I book my videographer?

A. Spring Saturdays are the first dates that get booked. These dates should be reserved between Thanksgiving and New Years (before the winter bridal shows). Fall dates are a close second and should be booked early in the year. If you can attend a bridal show, take your check book with you. Many vendors offer huge discounts if you book at the show. When you book your date be sure to ask about any specials currently going on or coming up in the near future.

Q. How do I go about booking A Day to Remember Video as my videographer?

A. Give us a call right now and reserve your day. 817-560-0811.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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